Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sh*t You Hear At The Zoo

So last week we took Caleb to the zoo for the very first time and while I loved seeing him experience animals for the first time, I couldn't escape the vast conversations happening around us.

So without further ado, I give you,

Sh*t You Hear At The Zoo:

While standing by the Yellow-Backed Duiker exhibit:
"I now know where the term 'Doohickey' comes from." - Seriously?  That's not even how it's pronounced.

While standing by the Wolf's Guenon exhibit:
"Let's find the wolf!" - These people had no idea we were in the monkey area and were fully expecting to find a wolf inside this exhibit with monkeys? People are silly.

While standing by the Orangutan exhibit:
"There's a real life Orangutan!" - My mom saw a man hanging from the railing like an orangutan.  It was pretty funny.

While standing by the Chimpanzee exhibit:
"Chimpanzees are so cool!  They can make tools!" - the same man as noted above that was hanging like a monkey was now talking about the chimps.

While standing by a sign that said to be quiet because there are baby animals:
"Zoos are no longer fun when you have to be quiet!"

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  1. Yesssss I am always taking note of the ridiculous things I hear people say to each other at the zoo. It's soooo funny. Last time I went this girl was saying to her boyfriend, "Awww look, the giraffe laid an egg!" to which her boyfriend replied, "Uh, honey, I think it's a ball." "Oh." and then parents telling their children very matter-of-factly, "Here is the ostrich!" (it was the emu exhibit)