Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Already? It Was Awkward!


Three words that I knew would be coming some day, but already?  This pup-mama wasn't ready for it.

We have always known that since we selected a male pup that we would stud him out one day.  He is part of a great bloodline and we would want to help contribute to more gorgeous puppies if able.

Fast forward to last week, Hank is 18 months old and over 100 pounds and had the chance to work his magic for the ladies.  Okay, okay - there was only one lady and she was a 3-year-old small gal named Roxy.

Ryan was contacted a couple weeks ago from a lady saying that she loved how Hank looked and wanted to breed her female with him.  Ryan agreed and she jumped right on it.  Her little gal was already in Heat so things happened very fast.

She brought her little gal to our home 3 times and we let the dogs do their thang!  And by we, I obviously mean my husband and little lady's mama.  Can we just talk about how awkward it was?

I was only there one time when she brought Roxy over, but it was so uncomfortable!  Hank is my baby!  I would never dream of watching anyone get their groove on with another person let alone one of my "babies"!

Ryan said that everything went well and in the next couple of weeks we should find out if it took.

Dog procreating is too much for me...and I am not a modest Nelly over here.  Who would have known?!?
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  1. We are most likely gonna stud out Opie and lucky for us bulldogs can't "do it". So we just take him to the vet and the poor thing gets a needle stuck up him and they take what they need than it gets sent of. Easy for us. Haha, Good luck! I hope it took!

  2. This is pretty funny! I can imagine it would be a little bit weird watching that happen. I would probably not want to see something like that.