Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Things...And It's Friday!

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So today I have 5 things to share, some exciting!

1.  Jaclyn Hill
Can we just talk about how much I am loving her channel???  I just recently discovered it and to say I have become obsessed might be an understatement.  There was a time in my life, not so many moons ago, that you wouldn't catch me without makeup.  Slowly that went away and now we are all lucky if I wear mascara once a week.  I want to get back into it, not too fast, but definitely start stepping up my makeup game again.  I think Jaclyn is hilarious and really beautiful.  Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow along with and the "extras" at the end are hilarious!  If you haven't seen her yet, check it out, NOW!

2.  Baby Weight
So you might remember, a couple months 6 months back, AHHH, I was quite large and in charge with my baby belly.  Since Snuggle Muffin has joined our family I have talked about wanting to lose all of my baby weight, plus some, before we expand our family once again.  We don't want our kids too far apart, so the challenge has been on.  I wrote about it here and when I came back to work, 3 months ago, I still had 5 pounds to lose.  I couldn't lose those pesky little 5 pounds to save my life.  BUT as of this week, I not only lost those 5 pounds, but an additional ONE!  That's right, I now, officially, weigh less than I did when I got pregnant 1.5 years ago!  YAHOOOOOOOO!

3.  Boycotting
Caleb has been on a food boycotting session for the past 3 days and it is getting to me.  He is hungry and crabby but doesn't want the food I'm giving him.  They aren't new foods, nor are they foods that he doesn't normally love.  Babies are confusing, still, after 6 months, and just when I think I'm starting to figure it all out - well as much as I can.  Caleb, please start eating everything again!

4.  Gift Cards
I am a hoarder, we all know this.  Well yesterday I was going through my purse, randomly, and found a ton of gift cards that I still have.  When I was on maternity leave I tried to use all of my gift cards as much as possible, but somehow I didn't.  So yesterday I found some really good ones and I got a couple new pairs of shoes and we went out to dinner!  Both with gift cards and spending very little of our own money!  Yes please! :)

5.  #HughesMove2014
I haven't done a house update in a long time and that is mostly because we haven't been doing anything really major around the house, but this last weekend we started ripping out more shrubbery that we dislike and we are going to start working on the house more again.  The weather is getting absolutely gorgeous (83 degrees yesterday) and we are loving it!  We love our home and can't wait to continue to make it more our style.

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  1. I love Jaclyn Hill! Her tutorials are some of my favorites. :)