Monday, May 12, 2014

I've Been Keeping A Secret!

So do you remember the great Hughes Housing Disaster from a couple months back?

Well things kind of got rolling again right after I posted that, literally.

That same day, Wednesday, March 12th, Ryan had a working interview at a job that he had been hoping for for weeks.  Ryan got offered that job on Friday, March 14th and we got the house hunting started again.

We found a house that we wanted to look at a week later and put an offer in.  Since then we have been keeping it pretty quiet because I didn't want to jink us again.

As of last Tuesday, we are officially home owners!!!!!!

To say we are thrilled in an understatement.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and losing out on the first house was really a blessing in disguise.

We are now in the town and school district that we love and can't wait to bring Baby H home to our first home as a family :)

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support during the previous devastation!  We did it!

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  1. congratulations! that is such a good feeling when it's finally official!!

  2. Congrats! This is huge! Can't wait to see pictures and updates.

  3. Congrats! I cannot wait til I can say that one day!

  4. Congratulations! Such an awesome feeling!

  5. congrats! ahh to own your own house feels like such a huge milestone! I'm sure you are over the moon!

  6. House hunting can be quite frustrating at times. But all that efforts is worth it when you find that amazing house you've always wanted. Congratulations! Good things are certainly coming your way this year. And I hope it will continue to do so. as you transform your house into your home.

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer

  7. Being a homeowner could be a bit overwhelming! Things may not come in easily and disasters could be inevitable. So, I’m glad to see that you made through that entire hurdles just fine. I hope you’re now happily living in that new house, Sara. Thanks for sharing!

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

  8. Congratulations on being a homeowner! It may be hard to adjust at first, but I know that you are really feeling the excitement. I just hope that everything will go smoothly, and that you are settling in well. Thanks for sharing that, Sara! All the best to your family!

    Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer