Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I Would Tell Myself 5 Years Ago...

5 Years Ago...

I was 20 years old
I was single
I was a party animal
I was a Sophomore in college
I was working at The Old Spaghetti Factory
I was staying up way too late
I was doing things that I pray my children won't do
I had the "best friend" in the whole wide world
I lived at home with my Mom and Grandma
I drove a truck
I had more money than I could imagine right now

If I could go back I would tell myself a few things...

Dear younger Sara,

Those boys you are hanging out with are no good for you.  Just wait a few more months and believe it or not the man you will marry and have babies with will come into your life :)  In fact, you have already denied his friend request once on Facebook, maybe you should look out for it coming up and not deny it again :)

That best friend of yours?  Well it won't last.  Things will happen that are both of your guys' faults and you will go separate ways.  As much as it will hurt you, it is for the better.  You find friends that have been there all along and will end up being a part of your wedding day and some of the greatest people in your life.

College?  Quit skipping classes so much and start doing your homework.  Although you won't "grow up" to get a job in your field of study, you will want better grades to brag about once graduating.  Also, this major change that you just completed was the best decision ever, so don't second guess yourself.

Partying.  Oh man.  Where to begin.  I know exactly what you do after your shifts at the good ol' Spag and they are so not good for you, and as much as you already know this you will stop very soon.  Remember that man I was telling you about above?  Well he will ask you to change your ways in this department and you will and it will be the best decision ever.  Who really wants to go to Olive Garden one more time for "breakfast" when you can't even handle the smell of pasta take your sunglasses off?

Living at home is the best thing for you.  As much as you want to move out because of Mom and Grandma, those two ladies will teach you more than you can imagine.  Also, enjoy the times with Grandma where you eat Subway and watch So You Think You Can Dance.  She is fading quicker by the day and soon she won't remember you, as harsh as that sounds.

Daddy.  I swear that this is the one thing that will be the easiest to overcome shortly.  The pain will never go away, but I promise you that once you are happy with, once again, said man up above, you will understand that he is always there.  You will get married and it will be okay that he isn't there.  You will go visit him quietly and alone before the wedding and have your moment.  He is always with us, just remember that.

Night Owl Syndrome.  As impossible as this may seem, this will go away.  Close your mouth from shock because you will soon be the lady in bed at 8:00pm.  No more watching the sun rise when you go to sleep.  The man you love will soon convince you that staying up all night without him is a boring way of life.  And once you get a big girl job and pregnant, all bets are off.  You will be begging people to let you go to sleep at 8:00 every night.

That truck.  What a stupid choice that was.  Of course, when you are 19 and grieving the only logical thing to do is to sell the car that you had no payments on and go get a truck payment on a piece of crap that will end up costing you more than it is worth.  Don't worry, in 2011 you will get a new car :)

My dear younger self, please enjoy these times are they are some great memories.  But remember, that these are the moments you will tell you children about one day and you don't want to lie to them about how mischievous you really were.  Keep your eye out for that man, he will change your life forever.
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  1. OMG i wish i could have heard from my older self back then!
    XO, Ellen from Ask Away

  2. I totally wish I could have heard from my older self back then! I love this letter!

    As a side note, why are we ALL so hardheaded and stupid when we're that age? I probably wouldn't have even listened to my older self, as hardheaded as I am!