Thursday, May 8, 2014

So You Are Having A Baby...

I don't know about you but my favorite part about having a wedding (besides the whole marrying my best friend thing) was registering for items!

It's like freaking Christmas in the middle of the year - or whenever you are having your event - and making sure that you get exactly what you want!

Now I know I may seem a little excited, but once we find out we were pregnant I couldn't wait to register for baby items.

I withheld doing so until we found out if Baby H was a boy or a girl.  Once we found out I was chomping at the bit to go get it done.

I knew that I would be registering at two locations - Buy Buy Baby and Target.  We registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target for our wedding, so it was only fitting that we continue it with Baby H.

Saturday afternoon the hubs and I headed to Buy Buy Baby.  To say I was excited was an understatement!  There is just something about scanning the items that you hope to get for your little.

Today I thought I would put together a fun list of things that I believe you should definitely register for.

Baby Registry Necessities:

Bedding - seems like a simple task right?  Well there are so many options out there and they are all adorable.  So my advice is to take your time.  Scan whatever you like and then modify afterwards once you see all of your options.  We decided on this adorable Western Cowboy theme that will grow with Baby H and still be adorable.

Stroller - As I stated before on the blog, there is a whole lot to learn about these suckers!  We did our research and stuck to the one we liked.  Although it is expensive and we know someone most likely won't get it for us, it is still on there as an option for people.

Crib - Go ahead and register for whatever you like in this department as well.  Most likely people will go in together to get you the crib that you want.  We stuck with our original choice and are happy with it.  We think it will match nicely with the bedding we chose.  Plus it is a convertible crib so it will last Baby H and Baby H's siblings in the future.

High Chair - High Chairs.  An area that we didn't research or spend too much time in.  I recommend that you do spend more time on this considering that your little will be in this for at least a good year.  We chose this one because our dear friends have it and I have seen it work.  Plus the colors are gender neutral so it won't be discarded should we have a girl next time :)

Nursing Items - So whether or not you decide - or are able to - breastfeed your baby there are still plenty of items that you will need.  Make sure to register for plenty of bottles, food/milk storage containers, covers and washing items.

Bath Items - Who knew that there were so many options for bathing your child once they are born??  We chose to go for a tub that could essentially last us Baby H's entire "childhood."  I love the little elephants on this tub and that there is a shower attachment to make it easier for rinsing.  Make sure you also get plenty of wash cloths, towels and soaps.

Diapering Items - We decided to go with disposable diapers, but with an eco-friendly touch.  I have loved Jessica Alba's company since it first came about and couldn't be more excited to put Baby H's little bottom in these adorable diapers.  Make sure when registering that you register for multiple packs in multiple sizes.  Most people will just get you Newborn diapers if you don't ask for other sizes and that won't help you three months down the road.  Also, make sure you register for plenty of wipes and lotions for baby's bum.  We also decided to register for a diaper genie and refills since we don't want to take the trash out every single day.  

There are, of course, tons of more items you need for you little, but hopefully this list helps you get started.  I think combined, on both registries, we have over 200 items.  Granted some are duplicated on both and multiples of some items, but you want to give your family and friends plenty of options.

Just remember to enjoy the time and look forward to your little bundle of joy!

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  1. Hi!

    Kind of a question/suggestion for you, did you consider a jogging stroller? I actually picked a jogger over the basic stroller and most of my friends switched too. They have better tires for places like zoos, parks and outdoor festivals, plus they're just fine in regular settings like Target. Which, mine was from Target and ran about $100-$130 depending on if you catch a baby sale.

    Just a suggestion!

    Also, car seat? I think some people make silly mistakes when they insist on expensive BUT Britax is actually worth the pennies, they run higher on the weight limit so your baby can use it longer. I say this because mine was out of his (not Britax, I think it was Graco) at 6 months and I had to put my baby into an upright when he was still so little!

    And one last one, ask your hospital about renting a breast pump. I didn't do that but I hear they're tons nicer than what you can get in store. I didn't even know that was an option!

    Congrats on your little guy!

  2. we registered at the same places! also...check with your health insurer about the breast pump, because insurance plans have to cover breast pumps now. my company chose to only cover a manual pump, but most companies choose to cover a good double electric pump at no cost to you!

  3. Gahhhh this so reminds me that I need to register for crap for us! Eep!