Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Goals

I can't believe it is May 1st!  Where has the year gone already???  We are now working on month 5 out of 12!  2014 will be over before we know it!

Although, I am happy time is flying by on one hand - closer to meeting my little boy - I am also sad because I want to enjoy the time Ryan and I have left as a family of 2 humans and 2 fur-babies.

May needs to be a productive month for us.  And I really won't hold myself accountable unless there is a list! :)  And we all know how much I love lists :)

So here it goes...


  1. Pack up our house
    Our lease is officially over - as of Monday actually - so we are moving on up...literally...we are moving North of where we live now.
  2. Move into a new house
    As stated above we are moving this month and we couldn't be more excited.  I hope unpacking goes better than packing has so far. :) I get a tad bit dramatic overwhelmed when it comes to packing.
  3. Register for Baby Stuff
    We are rapidly approaching the Baby Shower date and soon after that the arrival of our little guy.  I need to get on the registry :)  Plus who doesn't love to register at stores?? 
  4. Decorate the Nursery
    Along with moving we will now have the perfect bedroom for our little man.  My father-in-law and hubs will be painting it to match the furniture we are bringing in.  Once painted we will just need to organize and get things ready for him.
  5. Save more money
    Always a goal of ours.  Especially now that we are having a baby.  I hope to save at least 10% of our checks each payday.  We will see how this works out.
  6. Plan a Babymoon
    Ryan and I really want to just get away for a weekend before I get too big and the baby is here.  As I have stated before we don't have bottomless wallets and can't do anything huge, but we are planning a very nice spa day for the both of us.  I want to have this planned and booked by the end of this month so that we can go at the end of June or early July.
  7. Go on at least 2 dates just the two of us
    The hubs and I eat out our fare share amounts but it isn't ever really what we consider dates.  It's happy hour at Claim Jumpers after a doctors appointment or pizza because we don't want to cook.  I would like us to plan at least 2 nights where we get a little gussied up and paint the town red. :)
  8. Get our paperwork organized
    We are both guilty of just throwing our "important" papers in our spare room on top of a filing cabinet.  A filing cabinet, mind you, that hubs brought into the relationship and has never been cleaned out most likely.  So with all the changes this month we are also going to change how we organize our paperwork :)  I am so looking forward to this.  I love organization :)
  9. Drink more water
    This is always a goal for me, even before I was pregnant.  I just get so tired of the taste and I wish I would just crave water like some people.  So this entire week I have been doing great at drinking close to 80 ounces a day and I want to make it a goal for this entire month to get at least 60 ounces in while at work.  Wish me luck!
  10. Start walking more regularly now that it isn't raining anymore We were doing so good with walking until Hank went off to school.  We were taking family walks nightly after dinner and it was great for all of us.  Now that he is gone we have stopped completely and it saddens my heart.  This month we need to get back in the walking game :)

I think 10 is enough to get us started.  I don't think these should be too hard to accomplish.

Wish us luck!

Happy May 2014!
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  1. Whew this is quite a list! Good look! You can do it!

  2. Sounds like you have your hands full this month!! At least you'll have that nice spa day to look forward to. Good luck you got this!