Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things To Change When Moving

Earlier this week we announced that we bought our first home!  We couldn't be more excited and ready for this next step in our lives.

I have moved A LOT in my short quarter-of-a-century life and it never gets easier - at least for me.

I am the girl who has boxes and tubs of junk stuff that I "will go through and decide what to do with it"

My mother hated that part of moving with me and now my husband does as well.

So instead of dwelling on the fact that I am completely borderline hoarder status, I thought I would share a fun little list of all the things you need to make sure you change when you move to a new place.

These little tips are easy things that look great on a "TO-DO list"

[1]  Change utilities
       - I put each one as a separate to-do ::since you have to call each one separately::
       - Cable/Internet
       - Water/Sewer/Garbage
       - Gas
       - Electric

[2]  Change banking information
       - Make sure that you change all of your debit and credit cards to your new billing address.  It will make online shopping so much easier :)
       - I would include any investment accounts you have in this category as well.  401Ks or IRAs.  Make sure you update your address with these companies as you will need the correct information for tax season.

[3]  Change your address with DMV
       - We have not done this yet, but it is still on the list of things to do.  Currently both of our driver's licenses have each of our parents' addresses on them because we didn't want to change anything until we bought a house.

[4]  Change cell phone bill
      - Our cell phone bill is still under my maiden name so along with our address change, I will hopefully be updating that little piece of information as well. :)

[5]  Change information at work
       - My work has a lovely online system that is super easy to change any personal information on.  I need to make sure that my husband does the same since he puts everything to his parents' house.

[6]  Change address on pet information
       - Our handsome Hanky-Poo is chipped so we need to go onto the website and update our address so that if he ever wanted to give me a heart attack and run away went on an unaccompanied adventure they would know where we live.

[7]  Change mailing address
       - They make this really easy now.  You can do it online and it only costs $1!  Super convenient!

[8]  Change insurance information
       - Now this doesn't mean to change the insurance that you currently have sillies!  This means, make sure that they have your new address.  I will need to update my health, vision and dental.


I know that they seem pretty basic, but in all the hustle and bustle of moving, even the littlest things might slip your memory.

I hope these will help someone and just remember to always make a list and watch those check marks take over the page!  It is so rewarding!

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  1. its all the small tedious stuff that usually sends me over the edge when moving. The last time I moved I seriously lost my mind. It was ridiculous. But I appreciate your "dump in a box decide later" way of doing things. high five sista!! own that semi-hoarder status

  2. Yep, me too! That stuff totally gets under my skin and makes me go insane!

  3. I created an entire spreadsheet for all the changes because there are SO many! Let's invent a company that does it all for us and become super rich, ok?! :) Don't forget to let places like your dentist and doctors as well as credit cards know!

  4. Good luck with everything...moving is never fun for me!

  5. These are great tips. I always forget to change my address with the bank and the insurance company.