Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Devastated, A Little Defeated, But Not Destroyed

A little bit of a dramatic title?

Well in about 2.7 seconds you will understand why...

So you remember last week when I wrote all excitedly about us buying a house?  Well Monday while we were at the house for the home inspection - that we had to pay for - the deal fell through!

Cue disgusting tears, yelling and quite a bit of cursing.  I have never been one to hold back my emotions and as soon as we heard about this I was beyond upset and devastated!

I had just finished picking out the paint colors to cover up the hideous blue and orange everywhere!  I had just measured the insert for the fridge!  I had just measured the insert for the television!  I was ready!  I had already planned on when we hubby would paint and move our stuff in!  I had already decided that we would have a gender reveal party and host it at our new house!

I had done all of this stuff and the deal?  Well the deal didn't give a flying eff and screwed us!  Now we are out of our "dream home" and have to start over again at square one.

I felt defeated.  My husband felt defeated.  I hate seeing him in pain or angry and to say that he was a little of both is an understatement.  I feel as though things were going too good to be true.  I know that we are good people and do good things and have good karma and in return feel as though we deserve certain things, but they don't always work out.

I sit here looking through Facebook and IG and ask my husband often, "How do they afford all of that?  We both work full time and have very little debt and there is no way we could do all of that!"  He simply always reminds me that they probably live life on credit and we do not.  I am reminded that it is most likely true and I shouldn't judge our lives based on what others have.

We have a lot. A lot!  We have a great marriage and unconditional love.  We have a baby on the way who will have the very best life we can provide for him or her.  We have a puppy dog that acts like we are his Saviors everyday when we come home.  We have family that supports us no matter what.  I have to remind myself that even though I am devastated and defeated that I am not destroyed!

I know that I loved that house and the idea of the community and neighborhood.  But I also know, that we will find the perfect place for us to live and raise our family.  Maybe it really wasn't meant to be?  Maybe that 15 minute drive from my work plus the 40 minutes extra each way it would take me to drop off the little at my mom's house wasn't meant to be?  Maybe we will find an even better house where we don't have to paint the entire thing, but only the rooms we want?

Until that day we will continue to be a strong and happy couple.  We will continue to live our lives the way we have for the past 5 years and continue to build our relationship and savings account :)
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  1. Wish you the best! Don't compare to others, your husband is right - most of those people are living off of credit cards!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Sara :( I remember that happened to us 3x in a row after falling in love with 3 different houses - but something really did come along that was better for us and it ended up working out for the best. I love your perspective on not comparing yourself to others - there really will always be someone with more worldly things, with fancier cars, etc. etc. etc. but all that truly matters at the end of the day is who you're with - and you have a great hubby and a tiny little peanut in your belly! (And I'm with you girl - I can't imagine living with a bunch of credit card debt, I would have major anxiety!)

    Hope you guys find something SOON that will be perfect for your growing, beautiful fam!

  3. Definitely, definitely don't compare yourself to others. Hey, who knows? They might not even be living off of credit - but who CARES!

    Also, I'm so sorry for your disappointment. We've tentatively started the process of looking for a house and I cannot imagine getting the ball rolling - and it just DROPS. I'm so sorry to hear that, but I promise, you will find the one that you're supposed to have for you and your family to live in :)

  4. You WILL find your house! I know exactly how you feel, you feel so confident in one thing then the whole dream just gets destroyed! It fing sucks balls but I know you will find something better. Praying for you guys. And don't compare yourself to someone else believe me no one has it easy and nothing is ever how it seems.

  5. I absolutely believe that everything happens for a reason, as cliché as that might be. I bet there's a reason you won't be in that house, even if you never know what that reason is. Something better will be on the horizon!

  6. UGH. That's all I can say because it's SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. We lost out on the first house we were in escrow on and I was so broken-hearted over the whole thing. But, now that we are in our house, I'm so thankful that it didn't workout the first time. (Seems unbelievable at first, but DAMN IT it's true). There's another home that's going to look gorgeous with you and Mr. Hughes and baby Hughes in it!