Monday, March 31, 2014

Why We Have Decided To Find Out If Baby Hughes Is A He Or A She...

So if you couldn't already tell, or know, we have decided to find out the gender of our baby :)

Let's rewind about 2.5 years or so.

Ryan had always made it perfectly clear that if and when we decided to have children he did not want us to find out the sex of the baby until the baby was born.

If you know me at all, you have realized that I CANNOT do this!  How would I plan?  How would I decorate?  How would I have a shower and get everything I needed and still be cute for our baby?

So obviously we both never agreed on this until a few years later.

Once Ryan and I got married we knew that as soon as deployment was over we would be starting our family.  I had decided that I would go over to Ryan's side of the gender debate.

I convinced myself, happily, that I could wait to find out.  I could still have an adorable, gender neutral nursery for Baby Hughes and we would have names picked out for both, just as we do now.  We would register for items we needed in greens - which I don't mind at all since it is my favorite color.  We would go the entire pregnancy without knowing if our little bean was a he or she.  

We were both happy and content with our decision.  People thought we were crazy, which I understand, because I was one of those a few years prior.

Now fast forward to the week after we found out what we are having.

I don't remember the conversation exactly, most likely because it was while we were in bed and I was probably half, if not completely, asleep by then.

Ryan asked me when we could find out what Baby Hughes was.  I was shocked!  This man, the man who had told me from the beginning that we wouldn't find out, the man who convinced me to not find out.  On one hand I was ecstatic!  I could find out!  YAY!  But on the other, what made him change his mind??

I asked him multiple times if he was sure and what changed his mind.  His answer is the cutest and it just makes me smile each and every time someone asks him.

His answer to why the change of heart in finding out what Baby Hughes is??

"I need to know what color boots to buy.  Do I buy the boots that I would like to wear?  Or the boots that Sara would like to wear?"

I love it!  And I love him!

So there you have it folks!  Baby Hughes' gender will be found out and celebrated!

I decided that we would have a Gender Reveal Party.  Ryan had no idea what this was, as did many others that we told about it, but we are having one.  I cannot wait.

My pinterest account is filled with ideas and I can't wait to start buying and DIY-ing decorations.

I ordered the adorable invitations above from the lovely Amy of Champagne Alley Designs and couldn't be more pleased with them.

We find out what Baby Hughes is two weeks from today!  I cannot wait!  

Unfortunately, our party isn't until Saturday, which means that you all won't be able to know until the following week.

Stay tuned!
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  1. I definitely don't think I could let it be a surprise!

  2. Yay! I agree with Becca - I for sure would want to know. I hope you post about your gender reveal party. Those are so fun!