Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chicken Fettuccine

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

This recipe has been a go-to of my mom's since as long as I can remember.  We both love it so much!  It is super simple and makes plenty of food.

I hadn't ever made this for Ryan because my husband doesn't like white sauce on his pasta!  Can you believe it??  I know, I know, he is weird.  But after begging asking nicely he said he would try it.

I give you the easiest and yummiest semi-homemade Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo :)

Pasta - use whichever kind you would like, we like corkscrews so that the sauce gets in between :)
Olive Oil - only enough so your pasta doesn't stick together & enough to coat the bottom of the chicken pan
Alfredo Sauce - I use whatever is on sale - either Prego or Bertolli
Italian Seasoning
Boneless, skinless chicken - I use tenders because they cook faster but once you dice it doesn't really matter
Peas - optional 

In a big pot cook your pasta according to the box/bag directions

While pasta is cooking clean and dice your chicken

Throw chicken in a skillet with warm olive oil.  Throw in some Italian Seasoning - this is where you want to add your extra flavors in

Cook chicken thoroughly and drain excess oil if desired.

Toss in Alfredo sauce with Chicken and about 1/4 of the jar's worth of water.
(If you choose to add veggies you would do so now and let them cook as the sauce heats)

Heat sauce and serve.

A semi-homemade dinner in less than 30 minutes :)

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  1. Yum! This is such a great go-to recipe! We haven't made it in a long time but it sounds so good during the winter season especially!

    1. Agreed! It is hearty and scrumptious!