Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So I'm Having A Baby And I'm Trying To Figure Out What Gender He Or She Is...

So as you know, or not, I am having a little babes!

Hubs and I could not be more excited!

We are finding out what we are having, very soon indeed, but before that I think it is fun to try and figure it out using old wives tales.

Let me know what you think after I tell you what's been going on around here. :)

1.  How low can you go?
High = Girl     Low = Boy
I can't really tell, my mom says High, so GIRL

2.  Body Clues.
Getting Ugly = Girl   Soaking it all in = Boy
I am definitely soaking it all in, in my humble opinion, so BOY

3.  Gold Ring On A String.  
Back and Forth = Girl   Circle = Boy
Round and round we go baby, so BOY

4.  Baby's Heart Rate.  
Above 140 = Girl   Below 140 = Boy
We are working out a lot in there, so GIRL

5.  Sweet or Salty?  
Sweet = Girl   Salty = Boy
I am loving potato chips and pickles, so BOY

6.  Chinese Calendar

7.  Mayan Calendar

8.  Hubby's Extra Padding?  
Gaining Weight = Girl   Staying the Same = Boy
Hubby is still looking as good as ever, so BOY

9.  Sicker than a Dog?  
Sick = Girl   Swell = Boy
We are basking in the joy of pregnancy with no sickness, so BOY

10.  Acne?  
Acne = Girl   Clear = Boy
Clean and clear and under control on this face, so BOY

11. Side You Most Rest On?  
Right = Girl   Left = Boy
I am loving my left side, so BOY

12. Cold Feet?
Same = Girl   Colder = Boy
As if I could get any colder?  It is possible, so BOY

13.  Headaches
No = Girl   Yes = Boy
I am dying w/o caffeine daily, so BOY

14.  Urine Color
Dull = Girl   Bright = Boy
Do you look?  Mine is brighter than Ryan's I guess, so BOY

15.  Graceful or Clumsy?
Graceful = Girl   Clumsy = Boy
I would like to think I am still graceful but I think I lost some of it, so BOY

BOY: 11

What do you all think?

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  1. I still think boy but every person I know that has used the Chinese predictor on the bump has had exactly what it said they would.

  2. I think that gold string on a ring this is supposed to really work, so it might very well be a boy!

  3. I've always heard that the nausea is really closely associated to the gender so I'm thinking....boy. I love testing out these old wives tales--they'd be really great to add to a baby book or something like that!!

  4. The wives tales are so fun to read - who came up with some of these!?
    I am so happy to have found your blog, as my husband and I have just found out we've got a bun in the oven popping out in October.

    Can't wait to stalk you.