Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Budget Update - November

Oh November, you were good to us!  We had a very successful month due to the fact that we were able to make such great decisions at the end of October.

We made the plunge at getting Ryan a new truck this month.  Ryan's truck died on him, once again, while he was driving home to get Caleb and we knew it was time to look at our options.  Now our options weren't great, but we made the best one we could.  We traded in Ryan's truck for as much as we could possibly get for it and got Ryan into a newer and better truck that makes his little boy heart so happy!  We did up the payment a little bit due to the fact that we still owed some on Ryan's truck, but overall we are pleased with it.  And might I add that Mama likes to drive the new big truck! :)

We announced our next baby coming in May this month and with that came all kinds of worrisome thoughts about budget and money.  We have time and I have already set a plan for us to make sure we don't get in this pickle again with this little babe like we did with sweet little Caleb.  We are so looking forward to expanding our family with another two little feet and the budget will be making adjustments to accommodate.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving and tried to start our Christmas shopping so that we were jamming it all into two paychecks at the end.  We are trying to find deals where we can for presents that won't make it seem like we didn't want to try.  So far we have almost everyone finished except our parents, geesh!

Now for the money part!  In November we paid off $12,440!  A huge chunk of that was the truck but overall I am still happy with it!  We went another month with no credit card usage.  We haven't been able to put money in our regular savings account yet, but we haven't had to use anything out of our emergency savings account either.  I consider this a huge win for us this month and can't wait to see what our total number will be at the 1 year mark!


We have completed 10 months of this journey and we have managed to pay off $57,626.88!!!  Do you think we can make it to $80k by the end of February 2016?!?  What a goal for us to try and achieve!!!!

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  1. I look forward to your budget posts! So inspiring. I'm proud of your success! How to you keep track of money going in and out? Is there a program you use?

  2. CONGRATS on paying off so much of your debt so far! Truly awesome :-)
    (Also, can I just keep saying how happy I am that we're pregnant at the same time again? And also, I'm slightly terrified. For me that is. You'll be fine.)