Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby Hughes #2 - 13 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe that we are already done with the 1st trimester of this pregnancy!  I feel as though I have already been pregnant forever and it is still just beginning.

Baby #2 is definitely out and about and wants everyone to know about him/her.  I have been showing, noticeably, for about 5 weeks now which I wasn't prepared for at all, but am okay with.

This baby has been treating me differently then Caleb did so far in many ways.  The biggest difference with this pregnancy this far has been the nausea.  For the first 4 weeks I knew I was pregnant I could barely eat anything.  I was nauseous all day long and ended up losing weight putting me at 4 pounds less then I weighed when I got pregnant.  I thankfully have been feeling much better.  I have gained my lost weight back and am up 1 pound.  I am hoping to keep my weight gain this pregnancy below 30 pounds, so wish me luck!

Another difference this pregnancy has been that I have started to feel little movement.  I didn't feel anything with Caleb until I was 21 weeks.  I think I know what I'm waiting for this time so I am starting to feel things earlier.  I don't feel kicks or anything like that but just tiny flutters and pressure moving from one place to another.  I can't wait to feel this little babe kick and for Ryan and Caleb to feel it as well.

We have our predictions about gender so far for this little babe.  Daddy and Mommy think it is a boy but the grandparents are hoping for a little girl, there are no girl granddaughters yet and for my mom this is the last grandchild most likely.  I am terrified of having a little girl at this point because it is like becoming a new parent all over again.  We have no idea how to raise a little girl, we have a 100% boy in our house and I'm kind of scared of not getting another little boy.  Don't get me wrong though by any means!  I would die to have a little princess running around with our little cowboy.  We will find out in the new year :)

We couldn't be more excited that our family is growing once more.  My due date is Memorial Day Weekend, we really love patriotic holidays (Caleb's birthday will always fall near Labor Day).  1 trimester down, 2 to go.  :)

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  1. oh my gosh, you are making me so excited to be pregnant again! if you have a girl, i will share all my tips :)

  2. eeee!! so excited for you! I'm glad you are starting to feel better...can't wait to find out the sex!