Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Surprise! Baby Hughes #2 Is On It's Way!

Did you all see our surprise post on Friday night on IG or FB??

Well it is true!  We are welcoming, pink or blue, Baby Hughes #2!!!

We couldn't be more excited that our family is growing!

And please know that this has also been the reason my blogging has been sucking major bum lately!  It takes every ounce of me to not scream it from the rooftops the second I know about a pregnancy, but I am a worrier and force myself to wait until after the first trimester to spill the beans!

Keep an eye out for the baby bump posts to begin and details on who we told, when we told them, how we told them and most importantly, how me and this little babe are doing.
 photo laahSARASINGNATURE_zps160bd270.png


  1. eep! i'll say it again: I am so happy for you guys! how exciting for you! I hope you've been feeling okay and doing well, i'll need lots of tips for how to manage being pregnant while chasing after a toddler...

  2. Congratulations!! That's so exciting!! I know I just wanted to tell everyone was so hard to not tell people right away!!

  3. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! This is such happy news! I hope you are feeling well and I can't wait to hear more.

  4. Mark laughed at me because I literally shrieked out loud when I saw it on Facebook. I'm so so happy for you guys!