Thursday, December 17, 2015

How We Found Out About Baby Hughes #2!

I sometimes still can't believe that this is actually happening.  It is so amazing and we are so blessed.

Let's here the story of how this all happened, shall we?  And I don't mean the nitty gritty, I'm pretty sure we all know about the birds and the bees.

Ryan and I had known since right after we had Caleb that we wanted our children closer in age then we both are with our siblings.  We knew that we wanted them to be about 2 years apart in age and that meant that we had and idea of when we would want to start trying again for another.

As the summer came closer I was getting anxious.  I had many fears that we might not be able to get pregnant as "easily" as we did with Caleb.  We were so lucky to get pregnant with Caleb after only 2 months of trying.  I kept telling Ryan that we needed to start trying on this month because it could take longer, he kept telling me everything would be fine and we would stick to our original plan.

So another month went by and the summer was drawing to a close.  I scheduled my doctor's appointment and we were ready to start trying to expand our family.  Right away I thought I was pregnant.  Silly I know, but we both had the feeling.  We took a test, that we had lying around the house still from when I got pregnant with Caleb, on September 1st, it was negative.  I tried not to be sad.  We had barely been trying, it would happen, I had to just keep reminding myself that.

We had Caleb's first birthday party and another week went by.  Ryan was out of town and I was spending the night at my mom's house with Caleb and I decided that since I was "late" I would take another test.  Friday, September 11th, another negative.  Now I was upset at myself because I had gone to the store earlier that day and spent money on pregnancy tests.  Those suckers are expensive!  But besides that I was a little sad that it wasn't positive and that it meant that I would have to have another period (I am not meant for those horrible things folks!)

A few more days went by, I was getting really moody and achy.  Ryan told me to take another test.  By this time I was 8 days "late".  I had the last test from the pack I had bought last week and if it was negative we were going to just wait until we were more certain to buy any more.  I went to the bathroom and before I knew it it said YES+!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Just 5 days earlier the test said no and now we had a positive test!  We were on our way to Baby Hughes #2 and being a family of 4!!  

So after doing calculations I figured out that I had gotten pregnant just 3 weeks after we started trying!  I can't believe how blessed and lucky we are.  We can't wait to meet this little baby and let him/her know how much she was wanted and how they complete our family!

Stayed tuned for how we told people :)
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  1. wow! So lucky to get pregnant so quickly :) I can't wait to hear more about sweet babe number two.

  2. So sweet! We I totally thought 2 years too but took us a bit longer to get pregnant with #2, so glad it worked out for you! Congrats again!