Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What's Different This Time

So this pregnancy has kind of thrown us for a loop thus far.  It is completely different then my pregnancy with Caleb.

Here are a few differences I've noticed:

  1. I was so nauseous!  Like literally couldn't eat multiple meals a day for multiple days.  I ended up losing weight in my first trimester which I never thought would be possible.  Luckily that has passed and my eating is back to "normal".
  2. Cravings.  Cravings started right away just like with Caleb, but this time all I want is soda.  It is horrible.  I love soda.  I want soda 24/7.  Being pregnant makes that a little difficult so I am still trying to get a handle on this.
  3. Bump status!  I started showing right away.  With Caleb I didn't start really showing until 16 week.  See below my examples.  They say this is normal because your body already knows what to do, but it was a little annoying, especially since I didn't want to announce until 12 weeks.

  4. Hair growth.  With Caleb my hair grew fast!  Like lightening speed.  With this pregnancy I see more hair loss then growth this far.  I'm hoping this will change very soon because I have always had fast growing hair.
  5. Dreams.  With my first pregnancy I had very vivid dreams and very often.  This time around I cannot recall most of my dreams and have had no inclination as to what gender this baby is.  I had a dream that Caleb was a boy very early on and it turned out correct.  Am I a psychic? HA!
  6. Hormones.  I don't really think I was that hormonal with Caleb until the end but this time around it is a whole new ballgame.  I cry at least twice a week right now and my patience is being tried constantly.  I have melt downs more often and my poor household looks at me like I am nuts!
  7. Movement.  This little babe was moving and grooving long before his/her big brother.  I think this has a lot to do with the fact that my placenta landed in the front with Caleb so he had to be bigger and stronger before I felt his kicks and jabs.  Also I think this time around I know what I am waiting for.  I started feeling this little one around 9 weeks, although I know that was just the fluid moving and not any actual jabs.  Ryan has been lucky enough to feel some movement already and we can't wait until they get more pronounced.

Did you notice a lot of differences between your pregnancies?  
Is this all "normal"?  
Let me know. :)
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  1. So very exciting. I'm sorry you have been feeling so sick and I hope the hair loss stops! I love that my hair is STILL fuller and thicker because of the hormones.