Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Budget Update - August

Well here we are, another month has gone by and it is time for a debt elimination journey update.  We honestly didn't have a very high pay off month, but we did have fun.  We managed to go on a vacation, which I know I have written about yet, and have been enjoying a lot of family time.  We are rich with love and support and will continue to work away at our debt.
The end of July brought us some new debt and we hope to have those paid off in the next week or so, but here is how August went.

We weren't able to make any additional payments this month on anything, but we did make our standard payments so the total will probably look very similar.

For the month of August we paid off another $2340!

It isn't the greatest, but it is better then nothing.  We are planning on a couple of bonuses this next month and have big plans for them and paying off debt.  Here is to hoping that next month is a little more successful!

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