Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2013

This magical day will forever be burned into my memory as one of the biggest surprises Ryan and I ever pulled off.

2 years ago we threw the biggest party for our friends and family and hit them with the biggest surprise.

Everyone thought that they were coming to our wedding to witness us exchange vows and swear in front of all of them and God that we would be together forever.

Well we did that, but not exactly for the first time ever.

If you remember, Ryan and I, secretly, eloped with a small group of family and friends a year and two months prior and actually tied the knot in a tiny chapel in Reno, NV.

Corny as it may have been it was perfect and all that I could have asked for because he was finally mine.

But that didn't stop us from throwing a huge party when Ryan returned home from Afghanistan.

We had an amazing night with our family and friends and I will forever be grateful that we decided to still do the big wedding a year later.

Thank you dear husband of mine.  For deploying and working so hard to help throw us the best party ever.  I would renew my vows to you every year with a big party if we could afford it.

I love you more today then I did that day, and I will love you more next year then I do today.

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