Monday, August 17, 2015

31 Day Outfit Challenge - Week 2

So here we are.  Another week down in my August clothes challenge.  As much as I love challenging myself, I do find myself wanting to go back to my typical 7 outfits.  I guess that's why this is beneficial right?  But despite my wants to wear my favorites, I have completed another 7 days of different outfits.  It is definitely a challenge, but a fun one. :)

August 8th:
These pants are so old I don't even remember where they are from.  This shirt is super comfy but super see through so it has to have a cami underneath.  I would never think of pairing these two together because although the lighting makes it look like their is green in the shirt, it is actually gold.  I think it turned out nicely and is sort of the whole point of this challenge.
Shirt//Pants - old//Sandals

August 9th:
Talk about a comfy shirt?  This amazing shirt is heavenly and exactly what my Sundays are made of.  #momlife for sure paired with an old pair of Old Navy shorts.

Shirt//Shorts - old

August 10th:
I have been eyeing this beauty for weeks, if not months now, and then I finally bit the bullet and bought it.  I love how the pink top isn't anywhere else in the skirt portion, but it all works together.  I wore this to work Monday morning and flew off to our vacation in it and it was the perfect flightware.


August 11th:
I snagged this super cute and comfy sweater boyfriend shirt from Old Navy the weekend before our vacation for $3!  Can't beat it!  Paired it with my favorite jeans and called it a day.


August 12th:
I didn't notice that this picture was blurry until I posted it on here, so sorry for that!  I got this top off of a mystery grab bag from GroopDealz.  They had a grab bag of three items for $12.99!  This adorable anchor top was in it along with 2 other adorable items that hopefully will be making an appearance later in the month.  Paired it again with my favorite jeans and headed out for a fun day on vacay!


August 13th:
My gal Karissa is killing it with her company and their amazing items!  If you haven't checked out her boutique yet, you need too!  I had been loving this top ever since she showed it as a new arrival, and just like with the dress above, I finally bit the bullet and bought it!  It is softer then I could have ever imagined it being and it is so fun with the aztec on the front and the pink on the back and pocket.  Paired with my favorite Old Navy shorts for a fun Thursday-on-vacation look.


August 14th:
Let's call this my grandma dress day because I just threw on a classic soft shirt and my $7 jeans.  Comfy and classic - my go-to.


Another week completed.  I am proud of myself and can't wait to show you what I wear for week 3 of the challenge!
 photo laahSARASINGNATURE_zps160bd270.png


  1. Congrats on another week complete! You're rocking it so far!

  2. Love seeing your Aro items! I'm glad you are enjoying them- you look great!

  3. Way to go!! I am thinking I'll start doing this in September. Hopefully it'll be a bit cooler here because otherwise I may not be able to pull it off. Ha ha