Monday, August 10, 2015

31 Different Outfits Challenge - Week 1

So I have completed 1 week of the challenge!  I am going strong and here is how I did the first 7 days.

August 1st
I've had this shirt since Ryan was on deployment, so at least 2 years, possibly 3.  I rarely wear it, but it is so cute!  I love the lace detail on the back and the key hole.  Paired it with my favorite Old Navy shorts and a pair of crocheted Toms.

August 2nd
Relaxing day by the pool was exactly what we needed, so a relaxing outfit is what I went with.  My favorite Old Navy shorts and the classic Old Navy top.  I should have taken a picture of the back because this is the racer back tank that they came out with this year - LOVE!

August 3rd
This shirt is so old.  I think I got this shirt right after I started working at my current job, so almost 4 years ago.  I love the combo of teal and brown.  The pattern is busy, but not too busy to where you can't focus on anything else.  Paired it with my favorite brown pants from Christopher Banks.  I love that they are dress pants but with a modern touch - being crop and almost boot cut-ish.


August 4th
This shirt I have only worn 1 other time besides today.  I bought it from Target during a little online shopping and when it arrived I was so happy with my choice.  The patterned front is Polyester and the sleeves and back are all Rayon.  DIE!  Softest shirt ever!  Paired it with a nice pair of tan dress pants and my go-to cream flats.


August 5th
Happy Hump Day from my Zebra shirt and Marsala pants!  This shirt I got from Ross years ago and get more compliments on it then I would ever think possible.  These gorgeous Marsala skinnies are from Target clearance that I stole found for the awesome price of $12!  My cutesy sandals are from Payless and make this a nice summer-y outfit for a work day.


August 6th
Finally wearing this amazing shirt that I bought off of GroopDealz from the amazing Aro & Co.  Karissa told me I would love this shirt and she was absolutely correct!  It is so soft and feminine.  LOVE IT!  Paired it with my favorite Old Navy cords and an old pair of booties that I found in my closet this past weekend when I organized it to get ready for this challenge.  Simple outfit with a hint of fancy from this top.  It's on sale too so you should run over to her site and grab one for yourself!


August 7th
Although it is Summer here in CA, it is cold in my building year-round.  I wore an awesome pair of jeans that I scored for $7!  A classic black cami and a nice, loose sweater crop that I got for my birthday a couple of years ago.  Paired it with a fancier pair of sandals - Happy Friday!


I am proud of myself.  7 days down, 24 to go.  Are you joining me on this challenge?
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  1. LIke I said before great idea! I need to do of these days...Love that zebra print top, so perfect!