Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Miss That Old Life Of Mine

But I wouldn't trade my current for anything.

I miss going out to a bar on a Friday night and not worrying about what time I would wake up on Saturday.  But really, who needs to sleep until 11 on a Saturday morning?

I miss staying up until 9:30 PM on a work night watching TV.  But really, who doesn't need more then 7 hours of sleep a night?

I miss binge watching TV all day while the hubs went off hunting.  But really, who needs to watch that much TV?

I miss thinking I was "fat" 5 years ago.  But really, who needs to be a size 6?

I miss sleeping until 10 minutes before I needed to leave for work.  But really, who doesn't want to get a little bit put together before work?

Out of all these things I miss, I wouldn't trade a single one of them in to not have Caleb.  It's funny how your life changes and although you miss things in your past, they aren't worth giving up what you have.  I know that it sucks waking up 2.5 hours before I have to be to work each morning, but when I walk into that little boy's room to get him in the car at 5:30 each morning, he makes it all worth it.

Children are amazing.  They can push you at times and make you question everything you know, but they are the greatest blessings.  We had a great life before Caleb, but we enjoyed it to the max and knew that it was time for us to get a greater enjoyment.  Caleb makes everything worth it.  I don't mind being exhausted and only sleeping less then 7 hours a night.  I don't mind not going to bars or even out for that matter.  I don't mind that we now binge watch Channel 125 on Saturday mornings instead of Bravo.  When you are ready to make a change in your life you will always miss parts of the old one, but you made that decision and deep down it was the right one.
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