Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ronin Hughes

So if you follow me on Instagram you already know, but we have a new addition in our family!

We are now a family of 5!  Introducing to you, Ronin Hughes!

Ronin is a Brittany Spaniel and we got him from Olive Hill Kennels.  We had been talking about adding another dog to our family for quite some time and since we are just silly kids getting everything done at once (i.e. get a dog, buy a house, have a baby) we thought, why not now?

We showed up at OHK first thing Friday morning, July 3rd.  We knew that we wanted to get our new pup this weekend because we both had Friday off and Ryan has Mondays off so it would give us 4 solid days to get him used to our house, Hank and hopefully semi-potty/kennel trained by the time they were left alone the following Tuesday.  (We successfully potty trained Hank is 7 days, granted we didn't have a baby or a house that we necessarily cared that much about)

We drove up to OHK and it is a gorgeous property with a house and many other dwellings on the land.  There was no one around - probably due to it being a holiday weekend and like 8:30 in the morning - but it said to "Ring the Bell for service."  Y'all, Ryan rang this "bell" and you would have thought that the gates of a pound just opened up.  It was like a church bell and soooo loud and all you could hear from inside one of the buildings were dogs barking.  Insane.  Caleb was not a fan.  One of the kennel workers came out and greeted us.  He showed us inside, showed us which kennels had pups for sale in them and said he would return in a few moments.

We walked up and down and let me tell you, puppies are so darn cute and when there are 5 kennels full of 5-8 puppies in each to choose from, it gets tough!  I am a dog lover and who doesn't love puppy breath???  Anyways!  We thought we had found the one we wanted and then I snuck over to kennel #5 and saw this cutie!  He was in with a yellow lab, chocolate lab, black lab and a female Brittany.  His cute face, calm demeanor and size had us sold instantly.  

The kennel associate came back, we asked to see him out of the kennel, we picked him up, paid and were on our way with Ronin!  All in all I think we were there for maybe 30 minutes, MAX. 

Ronin road home on my lap, as we did with Hank.  He apparently didn't feel too well with all of the excitement and puked all over me 4 times for our 40 minute drive home.  This, folks, is why you always bring a towel with you to pick up your new furbabies.

We got home and it was time to introduce Hanky to our new family member.  Hank is always really great with dogs and even with smaller dogs, he doesn't really know that there is a difference.  We let them meet outside, just in case of accidents on Ronin's part, and it all went off great.

Just look at that size difference.  Reminds me so much of when we brought Hank home with Abbie.

The boys have been adjusting very well to one another.  Ronin is part of our crew now and I love it.  #boymomforever

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