Wednesday, July 29, 2015

31 Different Outfits Challenge

My entire life I have been guilty of having a large closet.  Large, not in the sense of having 1000 square feet of closet space, but large in the amount of clothing items I own.

Ever since I can remember, my mom and I always had two wardrobes, one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter.  Every six months it would take me way toooo long to change out my clothes and get the opposite seasons packed away.

When we bought our house I realized that our closet really was large enough that I wouldn't need to pack away clothes anymore, rather just change location in the closet.  SCORE.

So with that being said, I am going to challenge myself.  For the entire month of August, 31 days, I am going to not wear the same outfit twice, including weekends.  I have done this once before, it was actually the first month I went back to work after having Caleb.  I only stuck to different outfits during the work week and found that I was wearing the same 3 t-shirts on the weekends, so this time I am challenging myself to every day in August.

I work a desk job Monday through Friday that is business casual - less casual though.  I wear dress pants and a nice blouse/top or dress 4 days a week and on Fridays we get to wear jeans.  Some Fridays I am guilty of just wearing a boring t-shirt but I am hoping that this challenge will also help me step up my casual game as well.

I will attempt to document my outfits better so that I don't forget what I've already worn - that mommy brain is still alive and kickin y'all!  I am hoping that by the end of the first month of this challenge it will give me a better idea of what articles of clothing I definitely need to pass on to someone else.

Wish me luck in this challenge, and if you want, JOIN ME!  We can be each other's motivation and encouragement.  I am no fashionista so this shall be interesting!

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  1. Such a good idea! I need more time than 2 days to mentally prepare to do something like this...but I'll enjoy watching your journey :)

  2. whoa! i just did a serious clean out, so i don't even have 31 different outfits i don't think...i'm kind of excited to live vicariously through yours!

  3. Love this idea!!! Can't wait to see! :)