Monday, July 27, 2015

4th of July 2015!

Is it officially too late to post about our 4th of July?

Well if it is, then skip over this post.

This year's Independance Day was unlike any other. It was the first year that we were parents to a human baby and it was awesome.

We started our holiday weekend off by going on Friday morning to pick up our newest family member Ronin. After that adventure I scoured Pinterest, where else, for some fun patriotic desserts that didn't require me turning on my oven. I found this one and this one.

Saturday morning we woke up and cleaned our house. We decided that instead of going to my Aunt's house, per usual, we would stay home and start our own little tradition with our little family. We bought a house in a court for a reason. Growing up I lived in a court and holidays were the best with all of the neighbors, I wanted that for my kids. We had discussed with our neighbors and agreed that we would BBQ in the driveways and enjoy fireworks together. We invited a few friends over as well and we got the party started.

I made the above forementioned desserts and one was a fantastic win and the other an epic fail.  Can you guess which one?  Well that jello flag, although seems super easy, can not be done ahead of time, which is why I failed.  I made it ahead of time and by the time that we ate dessert all of the whipped cream had "melted" and made an entire white layer on top of the red jello and those little blueberries spread out all across the pan.  The flag was no longer a flag.  Now the no bake chocolate chip dessert!  AHMAZING!  Tastes just as good as the real stuff and it doesn't have raw egg which makes it the right way you should eat cookie dough :)

We ended up having a great night with all the kids and neighbors.  I'm so glad that we chose this court that we live in.  We are so lucky that we have great neighbors that we get along with.  I can't wait to see how our future holidays go.  :)

Now a photo dump of this year and year's past.
 photo laahSARASINGNATURE_zps160bd270.png

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  1. I say that having one dessert a success makes it a success overall. I'm sure the jello still taste good. :) sounds like a great new tradition for your family.