Thursday, July 9, 2015

Move Your Booty Challenge!

I'm joining my favorite farmer wives Karli and Amy for a wonderful fitness challenge for the month of July!

I have talked about it many times how I want to be a fit mom, not only for my kids and husband, but for me.  I want to feel good about myself.  I want to feel as though being a mom doesn't mean I can't still feel good when we go out to dinner or for a walk around the neighborhood.

I joined the gym in town - hilarious that we have a gym and yet no fast food right? Anyways!  Joined the gym back in February, do you think I've ever gone? NOPE!  Big waste of money!  But we are in a 1-year contract and it isn't too outrageous so there it sits, waiting for me to go and taking my lovely $19 each and every month for nothing!  Bitter?  Me?  NO WAY!!  So since I haven't set foot in that gym I haven't been necessarily on it with my fitness.

I am happy though that I did manage to lose every bit of my baby weight, plus 3 extra pounds just 6 months after having Caleb!  I am not one of those that loses weight easily, so for me, losing almost 40 pounds in 6 months is something I am ecstatic about!  But with that being said, I still want to lose another 5 pounds - and hopefully before we have another baby.

This gets me to my point!  Karli and Amy are awesome and encouraging and set up a fitness challenge that utilizes what we - those who joined - all have already and do on a daily basis!  WALK WITH OUR PEDOMETERS!  The goal is to log 200k steps in the month of July!  That's right, 200,000 steps!  Seems daunting?  Well not really when you break it down.  It breaks down to just 6452 steps a day for the entire month.  Technically everyone should be walking around 10000 steps everyday, and I don't know about you, but that it terrifying to me!

I have an office job.  I sit at a desk from 7-3:30 M-F getting up to go to the bathroom or back and forth from the printer/copy machine.  On average, before this challenge started, I was walking an average of about 4500 steps a day - HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?!?

I am in no way proud of this fact and it was even more encouragement for me to join in on this challenge.  PLUS, the winner gets money!  We all paid $1 - ONE DOLLAR - to join and in the end out of the people who complete the challenge one person will win all of the moolah!  I think I heard that there are about 60+ people involved so I could potentially win $60+ dollars just for getting my booty in motion, like I should have been all along!

Since starting the challenge I have already noticed a huge difference in my commitment to this.  I have told Ryan everyday that I need to strive to get at least the 6452 steps in and he is encouraging me more then ever to do it also!  

I am so excited to see how well I do with this and hopefully it gets me in a better routine to make me walking, and fitness in general, more of a priority since it is something that I really want.

Here's to another 149,232 steps in 23 days!  I can do it, right?!? :)
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  1. You can do it! And I had a pedometer (was a work health thing then they decided they didn't want to pay for it any more,boo and haven't gotten a new one) but I was like you, barely getting 4500 steps. You get it, you can do this!