Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jealous Dog Problems

You remember that cute little puppy we got two Christmases ago?

Well he is now over 100 pounds and the big brother, instead of the little brother.

When Hank was 6 months old we sent him to training.  He was in training until he was 9 months old.  When he got home we had moved and I was wayyyyyyy more pregnant.  Everything was fine.  He was our big baby and such a good boy in the new house.

Fast forward to September after Caleb was born, and now we have a very jealous puppy.  Hank was supposed to go back to school the week of my due date and after being there for a week he got injured and had to come back home.  We had planned it so that he wouldn't be there when we were in the hospital so that he didn't feel "abandoned" but he had different plans.  We sent him to my in-laws and they watched him for us until we got home with Caleb.  We brought Hank back home after one day home and everything seemed fine.

Hank is the sweetest dog with Caleb.  Never, ever, has he tried to snap or been too aggressive with him.  He gives him loves all day long and is obsessed with knowing where he is.  When Caleb cries, Hank will come find one of us to make sure we know he is crying - except for in the middle of the night, please, that pup doesn't get so cute from not having his 12 hours of beauty rest each and every night! LOL.  I love how he is with Caleb and I can't wait to watch them grow up together.

Doesn't sound like a jealous dog right?  Well here comes the bad stuff he has done.

Hank is kennel trained but he is such a good boy and sooooo cute we just don't kennel him when we leave.  We trust him did trust him.

Since we have had Caleb and left Hank, inside or out, he has destroyed the following:
Dug a whole, half way to China, in our backyard
Chewed and ruined one Cable remote
Chewed one TV and ANOTHER Cable remote
Eaten one pacifier
Chewed and ruined one baby toy
Chewed and ruined ONE Stiletto
Ate a container of eye drops
Ate a container of travel hand sanitizer
Disabled our automatic sprinklers
Brought all of our recycling cans & bottles from the side yard to the back yard & taken them out of the bags
Dug ANOTHER hole, this time to our sprinkler pipes
Took off the insulation around our outside pipes
Chewed the top off of our hose
Chewed a hole in the hose
Chewed another hole in the hose - bottom line, we need a new hose
Destroyed his 5-gallon bucket for water
Took the firewood that was nicely stacked and distributed it around the yard
Torn up about every inch of nice grass we had in the back
Took all of our shoes from the garage and put them in his favorite spot in the backyard - didn't chew any though

We give him love and attention as much as possible, but during the day, when we are all gone, he has to be outside and be a dog.  He gets mad and destroys things.  Poor guy knows he is in trouble when we get home too and then he is so cute all sad and pathetic looking.

Do you have any suggestions on how to help our poor jealous puppy out?  We don't like him being in trouble and we try to take away all possible items to get him in trouble, but we can't put outside things inside when he is outside... LOL

Help our sweet boy not be in so much trouble so often now that his brother is around.
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  1. Oh no! Poor boy is definitely feeling left out. Good luck with this - I can't imagine trying to wrangle such a big baby while tending to such a new baby!

  2. I fear this is what we're in for when little man comes. Our dog is SO good but he's been showing signs of rebellion in the last few months that really have me worried about what he will destroy in the future. His two biggest naughty acts are digging my underwear out of the hamper and eating them and going to poop in the nursery. Doesn't matter if he just spent half an hour outside going to the bathroom, he will still try to poop in the nursery at least once a day. If you get any good advice on what to do, will you pass it along to me please?

  3. We had a hard time with Remington adjusting as well. It even got to a point where I told Austin we were getting rid of him because he started snapping at me. But we started making him as much as a priority as anything else. Once a day he HAS to be ran or he acts out. When Austin gets home from work he goes outside with him and plays fetch with him until he cant run anymore. It seems to have pretty much taken care of things!