Monday, February 16, 2015

February Confessions

This month was full of hilarious - IMO - things.

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

I made sure that for this month I started a list in my Notes section on my phone so I would remember all the things to confess.  Here are my titles to remind myself, I think they are hilarious on their own.

//Spinning in a circle in CVS
So there I was, running into CVS on the way to a birthday party and I got distracted.  I can't help myself.  Caleb was in the car with Ryan and I could move quicker and wanted to check out the pretty nail polish on my way out.  As I'm walking down the aisle I remember that Ryan asked me to pick him up a razor.  I get to the end of the aisle and without realizing it, I spun.  In a complete circle trying to figure out where the razors might be.  I look up and there is an employee, a male employee at that, staring at me and asking so pathetically, "Can I help you find something?"  Oh man!  I could have died.  But oh well.  I'm a mommy and I got distracted, but at least I got the birthday present and the razor!

//Saying dinner without interruption
Now as much as I wanted to remember everything to confess for this month, I wrote this down and now have NO IDEA what it was about.  I'm sure it was hilarious because I can only imagine what it was about.

//Date night/baby sleepover
We spent our first night away from baby and I might have freaked out, just a little bit.  We went to the movies and straight home to bed for a solid night's rest.  When we woke up in the morning it was so weird to just go straight to work and not having to drop baby off at my mom's house.  I didn't like it, but it is necessary.

//SAMs Club family restroom
Okay, so this is more of a pissed off moment, but funny once you hear it.  I have been going to SAMs Club for a while now and ever since I've had Caleb he has been good and things worked out to where I never had to change him while we were there.  Until one day.  I went into the Women's Restroom, into the large stall that usually has the changing stations in them and low and behold, no station!  There is a Koala kid station for you to strap your kid in while you go to the bathroom, but for my infant who couldn't, at the time, sit up yet, it was too big.  What the hell?  Luckily I had the stroller with me and I just changed him in that.  Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and I needed to go to SAMs club.  I get Caleb out and he had pooped!  I, completely forgot that they didn't have a changing station, and marched all the way to the back of the store - which tell me why bathrooms are usually in the back?  I have to pee so bad usually I can't walk that far! I digress - only to get in there and remember that they don't have the changing station.  I run all the way back out to my car, change him and march back inside to pick up the formula that we so desperately needed.  Now fast forward, once again, to one week ago when I went to SAMs club by myself for a couple of items and needed to uses the restroom.  The Women's Restroom was "closed for cleaning, please use Family Restroom"  What the F***???  There is a Family Restroom?!?  Let me tell you, it's nice!  Such a nice changing station and privacy for you and your babes.  Ugh!  At least now I know.

//Not folding and putting Caleb's clothes away for 3+ weeks
This is horrible.  All I can say though is that at least they have been clean?  I always make sure to do Caleb's laundry every weekend before ours.  He goes through a lot of clothes now that he is eating.  They also end up staying in the dryer and I pick his outfits out from there or they get moved to the spare room bed and they lay there.  #mommyproblems

//Folded and arranged Caleb's clothes, but still not put away
I was so proud of myself!  I spent over an hour on a Sunday folding all of Caleb's clothes.  Man does that boy have a ton of cute stuff!  I need to start rotating his outfits better.  I want him to wear them all as much as possible before he grows out of them.  Anyways.  So I spent all this time folding and I was getting ready to move them into his nursery and put them in his dresser when he went down for a nap.  I had plans with my mom and by the time I had to leave he was still sleeping.  I moved the piles to the spare room bed in hopes that I would put them away Monday after work, but no.  They are still laying there.  But on the plus side?  I arranged them by drawer so I just have to take the piles and plop them into the dresser.  Hopefully that has happened by the time you are reading this.  :)

Happy confessions!
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up this week - I love your confession! I especially relate to the laundry-related ones. That's TOTALLY my m.o. :) And, I HATE the mornings after date nights... The solid night's sleep is excellent, but there is nothing worse than waking up without your baby. I'm always running to grab Sam the next morning!!

  2. haha okay definitely read all of our confession titles first and agree that the titles alone are pretty awesome. I too keep a running list during the month and it helps to make me laugh at myself when I look back at some of my less-than-stellar moments from the month. ;) Also love that you can't remember what one of your confessions was about- such a classic mom brain moment that I completely relate to! These are great, Sara. Thanks for linking up!