Monday, August 1, 2016

To Eric James - 2 Month Letter

My Dearest Eric James,

You are 2 months old already and I can't believe it.  You are growing so fast already and some days I think that you are going to fly by these baby days and wake up a toddler just like your brother.  You are a big boy and are proving to be determined each and every day.

You celebrated your first holiday this month!  Independence Day!  We had a great time staying home and BBqing with our neighbors.  You did amazing and slept almost the entire day in everyone's arms.  The fireworks didn't keep you awake or startle you awake at all.  I can't wait until you can enjoy the holiday more next year.

This month you have decided to start sleeping better at night which Mommy couldn't be more thrilled about.  You have started sleeping anywhere from 7-8 hours and then going right back down for another 3-4 after you get a little snack.  You aren't much of a napper, just like your big bro, but we will take that if it means that you are sleeping through the night.  You are doing really well with our nighttime routine, and once I go back to work it will be more consistent and help us all out a ton!  We try to put you and your brother both down around 7 in hopes that you will sleep through the night one day soon :)  We finally put the monitor in your room this past week and I am loving being able to check on you more easily from our room.  You are doing so well still sleeping in your own room each and every night.  In this next month we are going to work on you napping in your room as well - if you decide to nap.

Eating is going really well.  We have kept you on the Gentlease formula which really helps your tummy and hiccups.  You are eating 5-6 ounces 6 times a day right now and can go anywhere from 2-4 hours between feedings.  You are definitely a cluster feeder at night and we know that you love to go to sleep on a full belly.  We are still having some spit up issues, but we just think you get too excited about eating sometimes and don't realize that you are supposed to burp when we make you take a break instead of just freaking out thinking that the bottle is gone forever!

This past month we took you on your first big adventure.  You went on your first airplane and we flew to Tennessee.  From Tennessee we continued our adventure with driving back home to California; that's right, 10 states in 4 days!  You were such a rockstar!  You did great on the airplane and never had any problems other then them making us wake you for takeoff and landing.  During our road trip home you slept most of the time which made me nervous for our overnights in the hotels, but it didn't seem to bother you one bit!  We slept in a bed together and it was the best sleep you had had thus far.  You just needed to hear Mommy breath next to you I guess.

You are loving bath time each night and although it isn't your favorite part of the night, you also don't hate getting your night time lotion massage in lavender scent.  Your big brother cannot wait for the day when you two can bathe together, and neither can we.  You two will have so much fun playing with toys and splashing around.

You love car rides too!  I don't know if it is so much as you love them or find them verrrrry boring, but they put you right to sleep more times then not.  I'm not going to lie, I love them for that reason.  It is usually the only way you take a nap during the day.

You are holding your head up unassisted 95% of the time right now and you love to stand while we hold you under your arms.  I can't believe how fast you are hitting these little milestones and it just adds to the little bit of sadness that this is the last time we will go through this stage.

I can't wait to continue to watch you grow and learn Eric James.  You are our favorite baby ;) and you fit perfectly in with our little tribe.  I hope you always remember that we love you more then anyone else ever will and we will always be here for you.


Two Month Stats:
Weight: 13 pounds, 9 ounces
Height: 24 inches
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: 3-6 months

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