Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Meaning Behind The Name

Today's post is short and sweet.  A little explanation as to how and why we chose Eric's name.

We knew since we got married what we would name a daughter.  We had Caleb and had a heck of a time choosing his name and then came the time for us to have another baby.  We still had a girl's name and would have to pick our brains for a boy's name if that's what baby ended up being.

Well we got blessed with another little boy and we were back to the drawing board.  We sat and came up with a name pretty quickly.  We knew that we wanted little boy's name to mean something.  We decided to name him after both of our dads.

Eric is Ryan's dad's middle name.  His first name is Mark and as much as it is a nice name, we didn't care for it for our son so we chose his middle name.  James is for my dad.  Now the funny thing is that my dad's name was not James, in fact, his name was nowhere near James technically.  My dad's name was Santiago but he went by Jim.  Since Jim is a nickname for James, we chose James.

I hope Eric grows up being really proud of his name.  I hope he has traits of both of his grandpas.  Unfortunately he will never meet my dad, but I hope he loves the fact that he is still named after a great men who raised great kids.

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  1. I love names that have a history. They're always so much more meaningful!

  2. I love hearing how people chose their kids' names! We went with a family name for a middle name too :)