Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately since it really saves me time and money with my two littles.  I stumbled upon from Mary of Eat, Drink & Be Mary.  She ordered some items from there and loved them and I always love to find new stores to order from and she said they had great prices.

I jumped right on over to their website and fell instantly in love!  They have adorable clothes that are dirt cheap and I thought, these would be great for going back to work.  I went ahead and ordered myself 4 new blouses that I could sport my first week back to work.

After 3 weeks, which was sort of annoying at how long it took to recieve my order, I got my package and couldn't wait to try them all on.  I had checked the sizing chart they provided and also asked Mary her opinion on sizing but was nervous.  Well as it turns out I was right to be nervous.  3 out of the 4 didn't fit me!  Talk about a complete let down.

I contacted them and said I just wanted to return them because I'm not even sure ordering 1 size bigger would have worked.  Two of the shirts I couldn't even get my arms in the holes once it was over my head.  They were timely with their response, but stated that I had to pay for the return.  I found this super annoying.  It cost me $11 to send the items back to them! $11!

24 hours after I shipped the items back they issued me my money back, but when I went into my account to look, they didn't pay me back the original shipping cost either!

I'm glad that the situation is over with but I am super disappointed in the fact that the sizing chart didn't seem to translate well and that I ended up spending almost the exact same amount of money on shipping twice as I did the clothes in the first place.  I'm also really bummed that they didn't work out because they are cute as all get out and I was really excited for them to come in.

If you try them out I really hope it works for you.  Overall, I think they are a good company with great prices but I think they are really meant for thinner girls who definitely can get away with a little extra snug shirt in certain areas.

Better luck next time to myself.  I guess I will stick with my tried and true mom stores, Old Navy, Target and Kohl's! :)

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