Monday, August 15, 2016

Body After Baby #2

Here we are, 11 weeks since we became a family of 4 and our little baby Eric joined our family.

As amazing as pregnancy is, it is always hard for me to accept gaining weight.  I have never been a confident person when it comes to my body and image.  I have battled my own brain for the past 10+ years on the constant, "you're fat" "you need to tighten up here" "you have a flabby tummy".

4 weeks with Caleb
Well becoming pregnant with Caleb was so exciting and wonderful, but I worried about my weight gain each and every day.  I swore I was going to only gain 20 pounds during my pregnancy and eat the best I could and exercise every day.  Well, winter came and then tired mama days hit, and I ended up gaining 33 pounds with Caleb.  Not terrible, but not the 20 pounds that my doctor wanted me to gain either.
Night before Caleb was born
After having Caleb I was determined to lose the weight, fast, and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and even less if possible.  I dealt with other mamas around me losing weight a lot faster then me and I would get upset with myself and my body.  I was really proud of myself, although I knew I could have done better, for losing all of my baby weight 3 months after having Caleb and lost an additional 5 pounds by the time he was 6 months old.

Fast forward to Caleb turning 1 and us knowing that we were wanting to try again for another baby.  I had maintained by weight from when Caleb was 6 months old and pretty much knew that that would be my weight.  I was happy, not thrilled, but not upset with myself either.  I had grown a human, a freaking human!  My body was amazing for what it had given me and I couldn't blame it for not getting smaller or thinner.  I was content.

1 month before finding out I was pregnant with E, probably a few days pregnant here.
I got pregnant with Eric and life was crazier then ever!  I started showing right away and Caleb was learning how to walk and be more independent.  We were in for a ride over the next 10 months.

Baby E - 13 Weeks
I gained a total of 21 pounds with Eric.  I once again was concerned about my weight gain but knew that I would gain what I needed and would work my butt off after he was born to get where I wanted to be.  I would like to think that my lower number of weight gain this pregnancy was due to the major fact that I was chasing a toddler, working full-time while trying to get a promotion and hire someone for my old position, and keeping our lives moving while Ryan was gone a lot more for Army.  Everyone told me that I wasn't gaining as much also because he was going to be tinier than his big bro, well they were wrong when he came out an inch longer and 4 ounces heavier. LOL.

Was pregnant for 11 more days after this picture was taken
We are now 11 weeks postpartum and I am thrilled to say that I have lost 29.5 pounds since having Baby E!  I honestly am not one to ever want to put it out there because I absolutely hated the feeling that I felt when other moms lost weight faster then me or looked better then me so much sooner, but for me, I am at the lowest weight I have been since Ryan was on deployment, 3 years ago!  I honestly credit most of it to breastfeeding.  I wasn't able to exclusively breastfeed Caleb ever and with Eric I got to do it for 3 weeks and I think it made a major difference.  Also, I have gone on a walk at least 4 days a week every week since Eric has been born.  We have to get out of the house and walks are the easiest way to make both of my boys happy, plus it gives me an excuse to go get a Pepsi or a donut some days :)  Another thing that has helped lose the weight faster is having a toddler.  Caleb is very busy.  He doesn't sit still for any amount of time unless he is ready for bed.

I still have plenty of room for improvement on my body, as in toning and tightening up, but for now, I am so proud of myself for losing the baby weight and then some.  I have now passed my goal weight from 2014 and am trying to go for another 5, but not pushing it.

I hope that all you soon-to-be mamas or new mamas out there understand that this is in no way meant to discourage you or make you upset with me, but to maybe encourage you, better yet remind you, that you can do whatever you set your mind to and that includes losing the baby weight.
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  1. You look fantastic! I'm 21 weeks pp and still have 15 pounds to go. With the heat we've been experiencing this summer, its been hard to get outside and go for walks like I had originally planned. If I learned anything from this pregnancy, its that I gained far too much weight. Not that it harmed baby, but its made things more difficult for me pp.