Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Parenting Is Hard

I wouldn't change my  life for anything in the world - but parenting is hard.

Caleb has decided - mostly since I went back to work - that he is going to push back his bed time.  The first week it wasn't that bad.  He was staying up until about 8 - an hour later than he usually was going to sleep - and it was working out to where he would still sleep on the way to my mom's house in the morning.  
Sounds fine right?  Quit complaining Sara!
Well this last week he has been not only pushing back his bedtime, but also screaming uncontrollably for about 2 hours each night.  We walk, we bounce, we sing, we feed, we bathe - you name it, we've tried it.  Eventually he tires himself out and finally falls asleep.  
He is still sleeping through the night - once again, I know, shut up Sara!
Parenting is hard.  The hubs will hold him in one position and because I can't stand to hear or see my baby scream I always offer to take him.  This then usually turns into a little "discussion" about how the hubs is fine and nothing we do will help him at this point.  

I hate having "discussions" with my hubs.  He is the best Daddy a boy could hope for, but I find myself getting frustrated.  I'm not only getting frustrated with him, but others who are around Caleb also.  I know that people have the best intentions and hopes for my baby, but I am his mom and can anyone else care for him like I can?

This is where I start to question - only halfheartedly - how hospitals just send you home with a human.

You have to take a class and test to get a driver's license, but you can just have a baby.
You have to wait until a certain age to smoke, vote and drink alcohol, but you can just have a baby.

Parenting is hard.  I know that I am doing the best I can - and so is the hubs - but we have no idea what we are doing.  We don't have the answers and I find myself wondering how our parents do.  How does my mom know that he is hungry?  How does Ryan's dad know that he wants to be held closer?  When will we get these magical powers?

If you have any suggestions to the screaming baby at night thing, please let me know!

Also, if you have the same thoughts and feelings please let me know so that I don't think I am totally insane!

Further more, if you see me and I look like a cracked-out monkey, please just give me a hug and tell me he is a happy and healthy baby and that we are doing it right! 

 photo Sarasignature_zps2ce4d667.png

I hope you all understand that no matter how frustrating this is, I can't be upset or frustrated with this little snuggle muffin at all...I mean, look at that face! :)


  1. Don't worry Sara - none of us know what we are doing, really! It's all just fake it till you make it as far as I'm concerned ;) Hope his sleep issue gets sorted out soon - maybe some early teething?!

  2. i wonder if he's teething lady! A. started teething at 10-12 weeks....crazy. she still sleeps well but it takes a while for her to get there. now that she's used to teething the screaming has at least're doing great either way! every day brings something new, i am still getting used to that.

  3. Yup. Fake it til ya make it.
    My son is two months and teething already - cue crying.
    holding him in colic position, or putting our fingers in his mouth for him to chew helps.
    solidarity - i feel you.

    AND YES ON THE HUBBY DISCUSSIONS!!! Mine: eh, he's fine, sometimes he just needs to cry. ME: hell no. move him around, help me make it stop!