Thursday, November 20, 2014

No Christmas For Us In November

Today I am talking all about why we do not decorate for Christmas in November.

I love Christmas just as much as the next person - believe me - but we refuse to decorate for the festive holiday in November.  I feel as though Christmas decorations are popping up sooner and sooner every year.  I love seeing every one's pictures on IG but it's like everyone has forgotten about Thanksgiving.

I am guilty of watching the new Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, after all they did start premiering on November 1st, but that doesn't mean that I want Christmas everywhere.

I hate that stores are already playing Christmas music.  To me, Christmas is a December and Winter holiday.  In November I want all things Fall and Thanksgiving.  I waited until November 1st to decorate for Thanksgiving because Halloween was finally over, I feel the same way about all holiday decorations, wait until the previous holiday has passed.

In our house we decorate for Christmas from December 4 - December 26/27.  Why such a short time you may ask?  Well both the hubs and I have Winter birthdays and we don't like to have Christmas taking over those days either.  The hubs' birthday is the 3rd of December and he likes to decorate for Christmas after that, so I comply.  Then my birthday is January 1st and my mom spoiled me my whole life and always had our house undecorated by then, so he complies.

It is a nice compromise on both our parts and we are happy to do it.  I love having my house all decorated in burnt oranges and reds and turkeys everywhere.  As of December 4th, swear, our house will look like Santa himself threw up Christmas cheer all over the place :)

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  1. It's a conflict every year on whether or not we decorate early. Growing up, we never decorated until after thanksgiving since it's always on/near my moms birthday. Now that I'm out in my own place, sometimes I really want to even though I really do love thanksgiving! I usually compromise by listening to Christmas music after Halloween but not decorating until after Thanksgiving. We usually leave our decorations up until mid January anyway so I get a little extra time from that! I definitely get sad that so many people skip over Thanksgiving, it's one of my favorite holidays!