Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Dearest Little - Two Month Letter

My dearest Caleb,

I can't believe we have made it another month.  These past four weeks have been more amazing than the first four, which if you had asked me if it was even possible I would tell you no.  

As much as I would like to say nothing has changed and you are still my little baby, that isn't true.

This month you have made so many leaps and we couldn't be more excited.

At 5 weeks old we ended up putting you in your crib to sleep for the first time.  It wasn't planned at all, in fact it was a solution to me being exhausted and on the verge of tears.  You were so happy and not wanting to go back to sleep, I couldn't leave you out in the living room by yourself and we couldn't go back in our room because Daddy was sleeping.  You and I - and Hanky of course - went into the nursery and you went in your crib.  I laid on the floor with Hank and we slept for 4 hours.  From then on you have been in your crib like such a big boy.  This was a week earlier than I had ever planned but I'm so thrilled that you chose it on your own - or so I'd like to think you did.

After two weeks back home from our big road trip to Colorado, we finally got you back on a schedule.

6:30 pm - bath time
7:00 pm - last bottle
1:00 - 2:00 am - night bottle
5:00 - 6:00 am - morning bottle

We went to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time this week.  You did great!  It was the start of your first Fall and I was so excited to introduce you to everything.  We did an obligatory pumpkin picture and picked out quite a few for our front yard decorations.  You stayed awake the entire trip and looked adorable in your little Halloween onesie.

At 6 weeks I left you for the first time for an extended amount of time.  I had a dentist appointment and my follow up lady appointment in the same week.  I was terrified to leave you - not because I don't trust your Mima with my life - literally - but because you are my baby and that's what moms do :)  You survived just fine and so did I.  You once again amazed me at how grown up you were.

At 7 weeks you found your hands!  You absolutely love your fingers but you can't always figure out where they go.  You get frustrated with them but when they reappear you great them with your mouth like they never left you.  You also started to smile purposefully.  We can tickle you or say things and you will choose to smile.  Are you advanced?  Mommy and Daddy like to think so :)  During this week I decided to make the biggest choice I've had to thus far - we quit nursing.  I loved nursing you, believe me, but I came to the realization that while it kept you content in the middle of the night it was just prolonging us going back to bed.  We quit nursing and you have been exclusively bottle/formula fed since.

Mommy and Daddy went out on a date and left you with your Grandma and Pop for a few hours.  It was much needed for Mommy since it was an emotional week - with the whole nursing thing and all.  You did great and I couldn't wait to get back to you.

We met with the wonderful LG to get our family photos taken.  You did such a great job!  You were awake for the entire session and only had one meltdown.  We are waiting to get our disc but I assume you look perfect in all of them :)

8 weeks. :(  My baby boy is 8 weeks! This week you have started fighting your naps during the day.  You will sleep 20-40 minutes at a time in your crib or swing and 60-90 minutes in my arms.  I am not trying to hold you everyday during your naps - as much as I want to - so the shorter naps are what we are dealing with.  As cranky as you become during the day from not napping, the mornings are amazing after you have slept because you are sooooo happy!  On a super exciting note, Sunday night you slept 9 hours straight!!!!  You are becoming such a big boy!

You celebrated your first Halloween and went as Tigger!  Mima had bought you this outfit before you were born and we completely forgot about it until the day before Halloween.  It was short sleeved and shorts - which is wayyyy too cold for a California Halloween - so we put you in a while long sleeved onesie, white pants and white socks underneath.  I figured if you blew through the Tigger outfit you could always double as a ghost :)

You are now completely out of newborn onesies.  My heart hurts a little as I type this just because it means that you are growing up so fast.  You are still wearing newborn pants though so I don't need to cry too much.  But then we get to pajamas and I might cry again - you are in 3 month pajamas and I'm not sure they will fit you for too much longer.  You are becoming such a tall boy and they really need to make big and tall onesies for babies!

Caleb Tyler, I love watching you grow each and every day.  I can't believe that we only have one more month together until I have to go back to work.  I look forward to spending tons of time laughing and playing and helping you grow big and strong!

Current Statistics: (all estimates as we don't go to the doctors until next week)
Weight: 12.5 pounds (50th percentile)
Height: 23 inches (31th percentile)
Clothes: 0-3 months and 3-6 months

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