Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Shows I Stopped Watching Because...

So to piggyback off of yesterday's posts on shows I would love to re-watch, I thought it was interesting how many shows I have never finished...that I actually liked!

1.  Pretty Little Liars
I love it.  I watched it from the beginning, had it set on my DVR forever and sadly stopped watching.  I didn't stop watching because I stopped liking it, but because I got so far behind I always said I would catch up and never did.  I would love to pick up where I stopped (which I think was the end of Season 4?) but we will see.

2.  Scandal
Same as above.  I got so far behind and just haven't had a chance to catch up.  I hear it has gotten AH-MAZING and hopefully this summer I might be able to catch up for next season.

3.  Revenge
I LOVE Revenge but got behind and have been slowly trying to catch back up, just in time for it to be cancelled.  I must admit that I only have 2 episodes left to watch from Season 3 and all of Season 4 is on my DVR so I can binge watch my little heart out!! :)

4.  LOST
My mom and I used to watch this together and then I got too far behind, she finished it and I was left in the dark.  I know how it all ends, but I still think it would be good to go back and watch it and figure it all out for myself.

5.  The Good Wife
I don't know how I fell out of watching this show but I did.  And just like Scandal, I heard that it got great!  Is that true?  Should I re-watch it all?

6.  Dexter
My mom got ahead of me and this is yet another show that I stopped watching because of that.  It honestly is too much for me to watch in the dark, due to the fact that I am a complete scared-y cat, but I could handle episodes during the day probably. LOL.

7.  Orange is the New Black
I love this show and one rainy day back in April 2014, the hubs and I binge watched 5 episodes and somehow never finished.  We need to get back on this show.

8.  Bones
I honestly binge watched all 6 seasons of Bones in less than 2 weeks when Ryan was preparing for deployment back in 2012. I caught up just in time for Season 7 and was obsessed.  Somehow, once I moved and deployment life was setting in, I lost it.  I am now 2.5 seasons behind I think?  I really do love Tempe and Booth :)

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  1. OMG I just saw the Revenge finale!!! SO GOOD! I'm bummed its over but it had a good run!

  2. I love Revenge, same thing happened with me and Parenthood. I am almost caught up, I think I have 4 episodes left, but I did have the whole last season on my DVR just sitting there, and I was about the just delete all of it when I heard it was being canceled. I"m super behind on PLL too. I have most of the last go around on it, so when it starts back up in June (don't they usually do that?) I'll be behind. Maybe now that most of my other shows are over, I can start to catch up. But like you it's a show I would rather watch during the day, LOL.

  3. I loved Bones and Grey's Anatomy, but got so far behind I just stopped and found new shows. Ha ha! Bummer cuz some exciting things happened that I missed.