Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Budget Update - December

So I know this is far overdue, but better late then never, especially since I can't wait to look back on these someday and see how hard we worked to get ourselves out of debt.

December was bound to be a smaller debt payoff month for us.  We knew that Ryan was going to be missing his regular paychecks for two weeks due to working for the Army.  Then with Christmas approaching, we just knew it wasn't going to be the best month.

Our plan was simple: pay the bills as normal and don't use the credit card or put ourselves in a pinch due to presents.  We managed to keep this going the entire month and did an awesome Christmas without harming our progress that we had made so far.

With Ryan missing those paychecks (we got paid, just not the two weeks before Christmas) I knew that planning would be especially key for this month.  I scheduled things as much as possible and kept up-to-date on our spreadsheet daily!

I am so excited to say that even with these obstacles stated above we still managed to pay off $3,170 this month!

I am so incredibly proud of us!!!

Progress so far:
February 2015: $5,108
March 2015: $2,829
April 2015: $8,673
May 2015: $13,879
June 2015: $3,140
July 2015: $2,829
August 2015: $2,340
September 2015: $2,870
October 2015: $4,845
November 2015: $12,440
December 2015: $3,170

Almost one year done and I am so impressed with what we have been able to accomplish!
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