Monday, January 4, 2016

Is She A Girl? Is He A Boy?

So we find out what Baby Hughes #2 is in a couple of days and I thought it would be fun to try and predict what he/she is beforehand.  We did this for Caleb as well and you can check that post out here.

1.  How low can you go?
High = Girl     Low = Boy
I think this baby is riding high again, so GIRL

2.  Body Clues.
Getting Ugly = Girl   Soaking it all in = Boy
I think this pregnancy isn't doing me any favors, so GIRL

3.  Gold Ring On A String.  
Back and Forth = Girl   Circle = Boy
Round and round we go baby, so BOY

4.  Baby's Heart Rate.  
Above 140 = Girl   Below 140 = Boy
Always high, so GIRL

5.  Sweet or Salty?  
Sweet = Girl   Salty = Boy
I am loving salt with this pregnancy, so BOY

6.  Chinese Calendar

7.  Mayan Calendar

8.  Hubby's Extra Padding?  
Gaining Weight = Girl   Staying the Same = Boy
Hubby is looking the same to me, which I am just fine with, so BOY

9.  Sicker than a Dog?  
Sick = Girl   Swell = Boy
I was so sick in the beginning, never got sick, but felt terrible, so GIRL

10.  Acne?  
Acne = Girl   Clear = Boy
My face got terrible right after I found out I was pregnant, so GIRL

11. Side You Most Rest On?  
Right = Girl   Left = Boy
I am loving my right side this time around, so GIRL

12. Cold Feet?
Same = Girl   Colder = Boy
As if I could get any colder?  It is possible, so BOY

13.  Headaches
No = Girl   Yes = Boy
I am dying w/o caffeine, so BOY

14.  Urine Color
Dull = Girl   Bright = Boy
It has gotten duller.  Is that a word?  If so, GIRL

15.  Graceful or Clumsy?
Graceful = Girl   Clumsy = Boy
I definitely lost some grace this go around, so BOY

BOY: 7

With Caleb's go at this it was correct with having 11 tales say Boy.  Could this mean that a little Princess is brewing in my belly?  What do you think?  Boy?  Girl?  Stick around to find out shortly!
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  1. My guess is another boy! But these predictions are always fun. Can't wait to find out.

  2. Eeeee I'm so excited to find out!

  3. Can't wait to find out what gender your bitty one is. We always enjoy reading and following along your blog.