Thursday, October 1, 2015

Budget Update - September

So here we are, another month has gone by and it is time for our monthly budget update.

If you are new to these parts, let me give you a quick recap.

My hubs and I live a great life, we both work, own a house, two cars, two dogs, a handsome little 1-year-old and love having a great time with friends and family.  Well with all of that came debt and this is the little story of how we are working our way out of it.

We plan on expanding our family and would like to do so with as little, to no debt, as possible.  We've had great months, and we have had horrible months.  But together we are working on it and we see improvement everyday.

My biggest goal at this point, besides having ZERO debt is to live life off of what we bring in each payday and not have to use our credit cards.

I can honestly say that we have not put a single charge onto any credit card for the entire month of SEPTEMBER!  THAT'S HUGE GUYS!!! :)  Now it does mean that we may not have put as much money towards the debt as we would have like to, but it does mean that we aren't adding to it, which is just as important!

I have looked at this whole debt eliminating journey as a way to learn to live within our means while still living the best and most rewarding type of life.  We want a happy and fun home for our family and being debt free is a great place to end up.  So grab a cup of ________ (whatever you fancy really) and sit back and enjoy this month's update.

And if you are new, go check it out from the beginning here.

So for the month of September we paid off $2,870!

We got our priorities back in line and started working from our highest interest rates again.  We took whatever "spare" money we had and put it towards whatever was necessary.  Now as I said above we did not use our credit cards once this month, but we have been depleting our emergency savings account.  We have a plan to get that replenished though in the next 2-3 weeks so we are hoping that all works out.

We had a great summer and slacked a little, but we are back and ready to kick it in overdrive and if things work out how we hope they are going to in the next couple of weeks, October's update will be a huge number! :)

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  1. Woo hoo, ya for getting that debt down!

  2. That is so awesome Sara! Congrats! I can't wait until my husband's student loans are paid off!