Monday, June 8, 2015

My Dearest Little - 9 Month Letter

My Dearest Little One,

I honestly cannot believe that another month has passed us by.  I still feel as though you were just born and we were just staying home together while Daddy went to work.  Now we are 6 months away from those days and you are growing up so much.

This month things have changed, progressively!  You are such a growing boy!

You are now mobile!  On Wednesday, May 27th, you crawled forward for the first time!!!  We were there watching you play and all of a sudden you went forward!  You had been moving backwards, under our couch mostly, for a couple of weeks with no success of moving forward unless it was going into the sitting position.  But on this Wednesday, you decided it was the day you would venture forward and we are so proud of you.  We clapped and gave you praise.  You had no idea what you had done but loved all of the attention.  Since then, you have not stopped moving.  I know people always say we will wish for the days of you being immobile back, but right now we are loving it.  You can go get your toys and not just sit there and scream when they get out of your reach.  You can come find us if we so rudely left you on the other side of the kitchen island playing.  You can now leave your room when I go to find you clean pajamas in the other room because you think we left you once again.  I am loving your mobility and I can't wait for you to get better at it.

Another huge change this month is pulling yourself up!  You have been trying to a while, but this month you actually succeeded.  You were hanging out with your Mima and when she went into the kitchen and returned you were standing.  You are such a big boy!  We, luckily, don't have much furniture around our house that can harm you if you pull up on it - mostly because we only let you play in the living room and it only has a couch and ottoman in there besides allllllll of your toys.  You aren't super confident in this new trick and don't do it that often as of right now either.  I'm sure as time goes on more you will get more confidence in this trick and we won't be able to leave you around stuff at all. lol.

Walking.  You aren't walking, but you love to stand on our feet and walk with us.  I have been doing this with you for a couple months now to get you used to the feeling of moving your feet at different times and how you can move from one spot to another.  I don't think you will be crawling for very long if you can get a hang of this whole walking thing.  We are working on your shoes hatred more now though because you are getting close to this stage in life.  As much as I hate wearing shoes also, it is mandatory for shopping and being outside playing with big kids.  ::slow down Sara, he's only 9 months old::

Food is still your favorite.  You are still not picky and I love it!  I want you to learn to love food and all types of food.  I am still making probably 80% of your food and you are loving it.  We are working on chunkier purees now and eating with our fingers.  You have now tried beef, chicken, cheese, yogurt and pasta.  You have loved it all except for the beef, which is fine.  We have plenty of time to find a way that you like it.  You absolutely love beans and rice - a boy after my own heart and pregnancy cravings.  You love berries and summer fruit just like your Mommy and Daddy which we love because that means that we can eat them now too :)  This next month we are going to try more varieties with meat and cottage cheese.  I want you to have healthy protein and limit your processed food intake, as always.

Speaking of food, your life of eating is about to get a lot easier because YOU GOT YOUR FIRST TOOTH!!!!!  On Sunday, May 31st, while feeding you some bread I felt a tooth!  A sharp little dagger on your bottom right gum :)  This would explain all of the slobber and snot we have been dealing with more then usual for the past month but we are all so excited for you!  I can't wait until you have more and can really start learning to chew and what not.

Caleb Tyler,
You are the best thing that has ever happened to us.  You continue to amaze us with your growth and abilities.  We can't wait to see how you grow more this next month and the rest of your life.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy.

9 Month Stats:
Weight: 22 Pounds.  I think you no weight was gained this last month because you started moving more.
Height: We didn't measure again.  SLACKERS!
Clothes:  Mostly 9 month for onesies and all 12 months for pajamas.  You are a tall boy and the length is what gets us on most clothes.

 photo laahSARASINGNATURE_zps160bd270.png

And now, your photo dump. :)

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  1. My goodness, he's a sweetheart! I can't believe he's that big already. I swear you just had him!